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30A MPPT Xtra EPEVER Solar Charger Controller 12V 24V 30A

XTRA series are advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers, for off-grid photovoltaic systems, with optional display units (XDB1/XDS1/XDS2).In order to maximize the energy harvest from PV arrays and simultaneously minimize the power loss within a wide range of operating conditions,XTRA series apply an advanced smart algorithm which results in up to 30% higher charging,compared to a conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) charge controller.Xtra series controller have limit protection function on charging current &charging power,as well as auto derating power operation at high temperature; the above protection ensure the stability of system even at exceeded rated PV power and over temperature conditions.Protection class IP32 and isolated RS485 communication port further improve the controller’s reliability under different application requirements.XTRA series controllers incorporate a self-adaptive three-stage charging algorithm based on a digital control circuit, which prolongs the lifespan of battery and significantly improve the system performance. It also has extensive electronic protection for overcharge,over discharge,PV&battery reverse polarity and etc. to ensure the sustainability and durability of the off-grid solar system.

30A MPPT Xtra EPEVER Solar Charger Controller (12V/24V 30A)

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