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CS 12V Vehicle Battery Tester with Printer

12V Vehicle Battery Tester With Printer

Vehicle battery tester BA1000 is built-in thermal printer. This battery tester can test battery, charging, starting systems. Innovative point is that the latest testing standard and result save automatically. That means if you test a great quantity of same battery, you just need to input battery standard at the beginning, convenient and fast. Another user-friendly design is “One-click” function key, it is shortcut for 2 quick function including voltmeter and quick test.


Test battery & charging/starting systems

The latest testing results save automatically and reviewed

Adjustable date/time, printing mode

Print via built-in printer

One-click function key –shortcut for 2 quick function including voltmeter and quick test

Test battery CCA, voltage, internal resistance, health and charge

Display test result: good battery, good battery &recharge, charge &retest, replace, bad

cell & replace

Protection of short circuit and reverse connection

Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, other languages can be customized
Available 12V battery & charging/ starting systems
Rating system DIN/IEC:100~1400



GB: 30~220Ah

Input range 8~30V
Display Large ,128*64 easy to read LCD ,Backlit
Test lead 100cm/40 inch
Working Temperature  -20°C to 90°C
 Warranty One Year
Size 210*90*40mm(L*W*H)
Weight 700 g
User Manual
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