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CS High Efficient Flexible Solar Panel – 140W

The new FSP140 is ideal for permanent installations on 4WD,RV’s, Caravans and trailers and the ultimate solar panel for the Projecta IDC25.

FSP flexible solar panel uses back contact SunPower solar cell, with efficiency from 22.4% to 23.6%. Japan-imported ETFE materials allow the solar
panels to resist high temperatures at 242°C, and their transmittance is over 95%.

Moreover, it features excellent waterproof performance. FSP series are more flexible than conventional flexible solar panels and can bend 30° at maximum. It’s an aerodynamic design that can reduce wind resistance when installing on the rooftop of RV or yacht. Supplied with 50cm lead connections and MC4 connector.


Maximum power (Pmax) 110W 140W 160W
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.9 26.3 31.78
Voltage a Pmax(Vmp) 18.6 22.3 27.0
Short-circuit current (Isc) 6.32 6.78 6.28
Current at Pmax (Imp) 5.97 6.28 5.93
Cells Efficiency (%) 22.60% 23.7% 22.60%
The maximum system voltage 45VDC(IEC) 45VDC(IEC) 45VDC(IEC)
Power Temperature coefficient -0.32%/°C -0.32%/°C -0.32%/°C
Voltage temperature coefficient -1.8mv/°C -1.8mv/°C -1.8mv/°C
Output power tolerance +/-3% +/-5% +/-3%
Operating Temperature -10 – 60°C -10 – 60°C -10 – 60°C
Solar cell brand Sunpower Sunpower Sunpower
No. of cells and connections 32(4*8) 40(4*10) 44(4*11)
Module dimension 170*540*3mm 1330*540*3mm 1460*540*3mm
Weight 2.18kg 2.63kg 2.86kg
Waterproof junction box IP65/IP67 IP65/IP67 IP65/IP67
Warranty 2 years and service life 10 years 2 years and service life 10 years 2 years and service life 10 years


Technical Sheet
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