SmartCharge 6A

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Portable charger
SmartCharge is designed to make professional charging simple and safe for everyone. It features award winning user friendliness and first class efficiency.

Art. nr: 706060

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SmartCharge 6A is ideal for more rapid maintenance charging of batteries in cars, motorcycles, mopeds, boats etc.


  • One-button solution.
  • Simple and user friendly display interface.
  • Adapts automatically to your battery.
  • Built-in Powersupply function.
  • Battery status in the display.
  • Secured against short circuits and reverse polarity.
  • Integrated cable storage solution.
  • Will not over charge your battery.
  • Temperature compensated charging cycle.

SmartCharge has been awarded the “Award for Design Excellence” and the “Design for All” award by the Norwegian Design Council.

A range of SmartCharge accessories are available.

Technical description

DEFA AS conforms to the requirements of both ISO 9001- 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. In addition, our engine heaters and cables conform to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Input voltage – 230V AC, 50-60Hz
Charge power, max – 115W
Inverse current – < 1mA
Output voltage – 14,4 / 14,7V DC
Operating temperature – -40°C / +40°C
Battery capacity – 10,0-150Ah
Cooling – Air
Type of batteries – All types of lead/acid, AGM and GEL, open and closed.
IP rating – IP65
Isolation class – II
Size – 210x90x54mm
Weight – 0,750kg
Certification(s) – EN60335-1, EN60355-2-29, EN 61204-3, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-2


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